Comprehensive work and achievements of the Focus Group on metaverse (FG-MV)

Discover the comprehensive work and achievements of the Focus Group on metaverse (FG-MV).

155 Meetings Held

Throughout the initiative, Working Groups (WG) and Task Groups (TG) convened 155 times to drive progress. Check out the meeting documents here.

FG-MV Structure

FG-MV formed 9 Working Groups and 18 Task Groups. Learn more about the FG-MV workplan here.

Engaging Events

Witness the energy of 5 forums and 2 special sessions held with over 17,000 participants. Explore our meetings and events here.

Defining the metaverse

FG-MV contributed to the definition of the metaverse, shaping its future.

Definition of metaverse: An integrative ecosystem of virtual worlds offering immersive experiences to users, that modify pre-existing and create new value from economic, environmental, social and cultural perspectives.

NOTE – A metaverse can be virtual, augmented, representative of, or associated with the physical world.

52 Approved Deliverables

Dive deeper into the 52 approved Technical Reports and Specifications here.

Mailing list

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