Experience new virtual worlds like never before!

Experience the cutting edge of virtual worlds and the metaverse like never before at our new exhibition, housed on the 2nd floor of Montbrillant building at the ITU. Immerse yourself in a captivating journey through virtual worlds, where participants can explore, interact, and engage with the latest innovations in technology. With a exhibitors showcasing their groundbreaking creations, this exhibition offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into the limitless possibilities of the metaverse. Join us and explore the most recent and cutting edge technology.

Experience immersive collaboration and training live at Arthur Technologies

Arthur Technologies is a pioneering Enterprise SaaS provider offering cutting-edge virtual reality collaboration tools designed to transform how teams work together. Our versatile platform supports a wide range of use cases, including virtual meetings, training sessions, and immersive presentations, catering to the unique needs of global enterprises and international organizations. By enabling real-time, interactive virtual environments, Arthur helps reduce travel costs, boost productivity, and enhance agility. Our solutions empower diverse stakeholders, including business leaders, government agencies, and educational institutions, to excel in the evolving landscape of distributed teams and hybrid work.

ITCILO Virtual Reality Booth

The ITCILO’s exhibition will leverage on the use of Virtual Reality (VR), a cutting-edge technology proven to be a powerful medium for empathy building and training in a safe environment, by providing an immersive experience of realistic scenarios. The interactive virtual reality experiences showcased will invite participants to engage in critical training scenarios, in complete safety, fostering an understanding and appreciation for diverse safety practices and intervention techniques. Through the immersive experiences, we aim to build a bridge of empathy that not only educates but also inspires collective action towards a more inclusive society. By providing a fully prepared exhibition booth equipped with the necessary devices and support will be set up to guide participants through innovative learning experiences.

ITU FG-MV in the metaverse

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has embraced the future by hosting their meetings in the metaverse. At the first ITU Focus Group on metaverse (FG-MV) meeting, it was resolved to organize Special Sessions and fully engage in the metaverse to enhance collaboration. This innovative approach was previewed at the third ITU Forum in Arusha, Tanzania, showcasing the transformative potential of virtual environments.

Encouraged by positive feedback, the Focus Group in October 2023 decided to further investigate using a virtual reality platform for meetings. From then until May 2024, several working and task group meetings took place in the metaverse, where experts shared insights and crafted deliverables together. This initiative set a new bar for virtual collaboration, underscoring the significant impact of advanced technology in the telecommunications sector.

Queretaro Reborn

This project proposes to generate significant changes in the downtown area of Queretaro by drastically minimizing spaces dedicated to motorized transportation, increasing pedestrian space, and condensing the city back to its center.

Building a digital twin in Virtual Reality for some of the areas, to showcase how the city would benefit from the changes, allows participans to walk in the city as if it was transformed. This represents a a critical step towards adoption, and also a key opportunity to get adequate feedback from all stakeholders.

UNRISD “The Art of Equality: A Journey to Justice”

“The Art of Equality: A Journey to Justice” is an immersive exploration of the profound connection between art and social change. In celebration of its 60th anniversary, the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) has invited artists from around the world to create a unique and immersive experience that transcends borders and time. You will embark on a virtual reality journey guided by art and six decades of UNRISD’s pioneering research for social change. During this journey, you will encounter 39 artists representing 23 countries from six regions, taking you through time—from “where we come from” to “where we are” and “where we are going.” You will be able to revisit some of the events that have shaped the past 60 years of our history, explore current challenges in gender, climate, economic and social justice, and be transported into the future, where a visionary eco-social world is founded on principles of equality and justice for both people and the planet. This project is a call to unlock the potential that resides within our collective imagination, reminding us that our quest to build a more just world begins with our ability to imagine it. Join us to #ImagineEquality together!

World Economic Forum Global Collaboration Village

The Global Collaboration Village is the world’s first extended reality platform for public-private cooperation. It uses immersive technology to amplify empathy, insight, and engagement, helping to catalyze action against persistent global problems by bringing increased visibility to impactful real-world solutions. The Village is a World Economic Forum initiative, in partnership with Accenture, and powered by Microsoft Mesh. This initiative is supported by a growing community of over 140 Village Partners from public and private sector organizations.

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