After meticulous evaluation by the jurors, we are thrilled to announce that 10 pre-selected teams have emerged as frontrunners for the upcoming phase of the UN Metaverse Think-a-Thon. These 10 pre-selected teams will present their final projects during the webinar titled “UN Metaverse Think-a-Thon: Project Showcase & Competition” on 8 May 2024. Following these presentations, the jurors will determine the top three winning teams. Stay tuned for the exciting culmination of this innovative competition!

Team nameTitle of proposals
RtVallUrban Oasis Creator
Hust_DeliaMetaverse 3D Virtual Simulation Platform: Social Group Effect-based Rescue Route Prediction for Disaster Preparedness and Response
HolnetverseTelepresence platform: HOLOLINK
UGM DTCEduSphere Project: Shaping the Future of Education in the Metaverse
ARJUN TECHEnhancing Science Education: Exploring the Educational Metaverse for Improve Learning Activity (IGCSE Level) with MEDUCATION
Neuroroads (1)Training Environment for Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgeries
XR 4 IMPACTMetaverse Technologies for Urban Development Professionals Training
PalestiniansDiscover the Treasure: Enhancing Education through Time Travel Adventure
CAVIARSimulator of UAV-Based Disaster Response Operations with Support to Photorealistic 3D Virtual Worlds, Artificial Intelligence and Telecommunications

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