Team nameTitle of proposals
123 Research on intelligent sensing, early warning and risk assessment system model of natural disasters
ARJUN TECH Enhancing Science Education: Exploring the Educational Metaverse for Improve Learning Activity (IGCSE Level) with MEDUCATION
CAVIAR Simulator of UAV-Based Disaster Response Operations with Support to Photorealistic 3D Virtual Worlds, Artificial Intelligence and Telecommunications
EcoAvatars Virtual Reality Training for Sustainable Urban Planning and Citizen Engagement
EcoVision Virtual Reality Training for Sustainable Practices: Fully Automated Greenhouse Game
eduvirt Where virtual internship becomes the real ONE
Ganadoras Virtual Education Platforms: Creating immersive virtual learning environments to improve access to education for underserved communities, promoting lifelong learning opportunities
GD&BG Developing Sustainable Smart Cities with the Aid of the Metaverse
Holnetverse Telepresence platform: HOLOLINK
Hust_Delia Rescue Route Prediction in Digital Twin-enabled Metaverse Based on Social Group Effect
JuliusFx Leveraging Virtual Simulations for Disaster Preparedness and Response
MedTech Worldwide Disaster and Health Portal – WWDHP
Meta MarvelsUtilizing Virtual Reality for Disaster Preparedness (a focus on earthquakes)
META PALUNIVPalestine Virtual Museum
Metamind Virtual Lifelong Learning Centers (VLLCs)
Metro MetaLearnX: The best new way to learn anything in the metaverse
NaiLong Building Harmonious Cities: Conflict Resolution and Community Development Strategies through Meta-Cosmic Simulation
NeighboursPlus Neighbours+
Neuroroads (1) Training Environment for Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgeries
Neuroroads (2) Neuroroads: SafeCross VR Training for MC Proposal
NVAR VR Earthquake Simulator
Palestinians Discover the Treasure: Enhancing Education through Time Travel Adventure
RtVall Urban Oasis Creator
SmarTech Polytech Idea
StarryMessenger VANDS-ON (Virtual Hands-on)
Tanzanite Metaverse Marketplace for Sustainable Solutions
Team ARU A Virtual Reality System for Disaster Preparedness and Response Training for Managers of real estate projects.
UGM DTC EduSphere Project
XR 4 IMPACT Metaverse Technologies for Urban Development Professionals Training

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